Don’t miss the opportunity to register your matching .PORN, .SEX, and .ADULT!

ICM Registry’s unprecedented “Domain Matching Program” gives .XXX domain name holders the ability to register their directly matching .PORN, .SEX and .ADULT names.*

The Domain Matching Program remains subject to intellectual property rights and ICANN’s approval and procedures.

How do you make sure you are eligible to participate in our “Domain Matching Program” for .PORN, .SEX, and .ADULT?

  • Register or Renew your existing .XXX. All owners of .XXX domain names are eligible to register the matching domain name in .PORN, .SEX, and .ADULT.*
  • ICM will inform all .XXX domain owners when we are launching .PORN, .SEX, and .ADULT.
  • Owners of .XXX names will be eligible to participate in our “Domain Matching Program” for .PORN, .SEX, and .ADULT.*

The .PORN Factor

Adult Industry Leaders and global brands are starting to understand the power of new gTLDs as a way to maximize both their online brand management as well as their SEO strategies.

Domain level keyword usage is viewed as an important factor in search engine rankings. Google Adwords demonstrates the impact the .PORN TLD will have in search engine optimization by citing 124 million search queries, per month, for the keyword "porn" as of November 2013.

XXX.XXX shows many of the great names that are already developed. Securing your .XXX names gives you the right to the matching name in the .PORN TLD when it is launched.

JT, Chairman of Really Useful Limited, one of the world’s leading adult entertainment producers recently stated, “I think that .PORN in particular will be an enormous bonus to search results. Based on my experience and logic, surfers will search for ‘mature porn’ for example, and my sites will rank high in those results.”

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