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Why does my .XXX domain name not resolve to my web site?

Published on April 07, 2014    |    Updated on April 07, 2014

Troubleshooting DNS issues on a .XXX domain is almost the same as any other domain name with one single difference. In order for a .XXX domain name to resolve to your DNS, you must have your Registrar associate the domain with your valid Membership Token.

If you have not received your membership token, please contact us at to complete membership or request that your token be sent to you via email.

If you have already received your Membership Token you may also want to confirm that you have associated that with all of the .XXX domain names in your registrar account. If all of your .XXX domians in your registrar account have the Membership Token associated, check the DNS settings for those .XXX domian names in your registrar account. Are these same settings used by other domains? Are those domains working? If not, the settings may be wrong.

If the domains are associated with your Membership Token and the DNS settings are confirmed ok, check to see if the traffic is going to the website by doing a TraceRoute using a tool such as This will show you the exact path to your domain and show where the path may be broken.</span></p>