The ABC&Ds About .XXX

Applications, Auctions, Bloacks, Continuing Curiosities and Dispute Resolutions

We are proud of the many opportunities we have created to get great .XXX names into the right hands. From Founder’s Programs to Sunrise and Landrush, the adult industry had a special window of opportunity to obtain names before anyone else.

We have been receiving questions about .XXX domain names and we are thrilled with the feedback. Below you will find answers to the top questions we’ve been receiving.

A (Activating your .XXX domain name, Applications for .XXX names, Auctions)

  • Activating Your .XXX Name: If you want to host content on your .xxx website, you must complete the Membership Application and receive a Membership Token. To find out more about the Membership Application, please see At the end of the Membership Application, you will receive your Membership Token; the next step is to provide that token to your registrar to make your .XXX sites live.
  • Applications (for Sunrise or Landrush): If you applied through a registrar for a specific .XXX domain name, please contact your registrar about the status of your application. Any expressions of interest or information you provided under the ICM pre-reservation service were not applications for .XXX domain names – please contact a registrar directly to pursue .XXX names you are interested in (
  • Auctions (for Sunrise or Landrush): Many great names were requested during both the Sunrise period and the Landrush period. If more than one qualified entity applied for a name, that name is proceeding to auction. If you applied for a name that is going to auction, you will be notified by email from, our auction provider, about the details of your auction(s). If you do not wish to participate in the auction, simply do not bid on the name. The name will go to the highest bidder (
  • Auctions (for Premium Generic Names): ICM Registry has set aside certain generic words as a part of its Premium Generic Names program. Auctions for those names have not been set. Please continue to check back with to see when the Premium Generic Names will become available.

B (Blocking .XXX sites from being used for Adult Entertainment)

  • Sunrise B Blocks: If the name you applied for in a Sunrise B was awared, you can now type in the .XXX domain name and see that the page says “This domain has been reserved from registration.” You can also go to the ICM Registry Whois page ( and see that it says that same information.
  • General Blocks: If you do not want to have content on your .XXX domain name (because you are a non-adult company or otherwise), you can do that by not completing the Membership Application – or – by not associating your Membership Token with that .XXX domain name. In other words, you can have a non-resolving domain name at any time – it wasn’t only available during Sunrise B.

C (Continuing Curiosities about Obtaining .XXX Names)

  • Performer Names: If you are an adult performer and are interested in seeing whether your name was reserved under ICM’s Adult Performer Program, you can find out by going to ICM Registry’s Whois page ( If the information provided says that the name is reserved under the Adult Performer Program, you can now obtain that name, find out how at
  • Premium Generic Names: If you are interested in a name but your registrar told you that it was a Premium Name, you can confirm this by going to the ICM Registry Whois page ( If information says that it is a Premium Name, simply contact us via the information on the page provided if you are interested in discussing that name with us. At this time, there are no lists or auctions schedules for premium names.
  • Names Reserved by ICM Registry: ICM Registry reserved names from a variety of sources (child protection advocates, government requested culturally sensitive names, certain celebrities, etc.). These names are not available for registration.
  • Receiving Your Membership Invitation Email: Membership emails are sent directly to the email you have on file with your registrar. If you have applied for more than one .XXX domain name, you only need to complete the Membership Application once per email address. (If you applied for multiple .XXX domain names using multiple email addresses, you have to complete the Membership Application once per email address.) If you haven’t yet received your Membership invitation email, you may want to check with your registrar to make sure they provided ICM Registry with your correct email address. (Some registrars chose to use a privacy protection email and that has been causing some email invitations to go to the a registrar-designated privacy protection email, instead of your regular email. Please check with your registrar directly about this.)

D (Dispute Resolution Policies)

  • If someone has obtained a .XXX domain that you think they do not have the rights to obtain, ICM Registry has created specialized dispute resolution procedures to help you proceed against unauthorized registrants.
  • CEDRP: This policy is designed by ICM Registry to challenge the eligibility of a .XXX domain name owner. If someone registered a .XXX domain name without eligibility do so - you can proceed against them under the Charter Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy (CEDRP:
  • RES: This policy was designed by ICM Registry to protect trademarks from online infringement. It also allows performers and entertainers an avenue of relief when real or stage names are misappropriated. If someone registered a .XXX domain name that is identical or confusingly similar to your registered trademark or your actual name or stage name - without the rights to do so – you can proceed against them under the Rapid Evaluation Service (RES: In some cases, you can get this issue resolved within 2 business days.
  • UDRP: This policy was designed by ICANN to combat trademark infringement and cybersquatting. If someone has registered your trademark as a .XXX domain name in bad faith – you can proceed against them under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP: